‘My husband died last month – his colleague won’t stop asking me out on a date’

‘My husband died last month – his colleague won’t stop asking me out on a date’

If you’ve ever suffered the tragedy of losing a loved one, you know there’s no simple route to feeling ‘normal’ again.

If it was a really close relative or loved one, recovery isn’t linear and each day is a fresh start.

And it’s common for it to take a long time to feel prepared to restart life activities such as dating again.

One woman was left stunned after her husband’s ‘friend’ slid into her DM’s less than a month after he died in a bid to flirt with her.

Unsurprisingly, it went down badly – with the woman posting screenshots of the unbelievable messages to Reddit’s “Nice Guys” forum.

The charmer began well by initiating the conversation to say that he “hoped she was well” after her tragic loss.

He added that he was “very hurt” to hear that her husband had passed away – before inexplicably comparing her loss to his dog that recently died.

“I know how you’re feeling,” he continued. “I’m here to listen if you want.”

The woman tried to politely end the conversation here, but the man was just getting going.

In a new attempt to woo her, he asked her where she was from, before adding that “women from your country have incredible hips”.

He continued: “Your husband is a lucky man,” before bluntly adding: “Sorry. WAS.”

Giving up, the widow sarcastically replied: “Thanks for clarifying, I wouldn’t have known what you meant if you didn’t add in the ‘was’ there…”

However, the unshameable bloke didn’t stop there, as he continued: “Sorry if I was rude. Your [sic] just very beautiful. I don’t want to screw this up.”

When the woman asks: “Screw what up?”, the man replies: “My chance with you,” seemingly clueless that he never had one to begin with.

After she says she’s not interested in dating, he continues: “I knew your husband well,” he claimed. “I know what you expect in a man. I can provide that.”

“I’m a good guy I promise. One date is all I ask. I’m free this Friday and Saturday.”

After she refuses again, he cruelly jibes: “Should have known you were just a pretty face. You aren’t even that pretty.”

He then writes: “Your husband would want you to be with a man who he knows will treat you right… in all ways.

“I’m good at taking care of women. Especially ones like you. Such f***able hips.”

His horrendous attempt at chatting the woman up, followed by his cruel jibe, left people on Reddit seriously unimpressed.

One wrote: “I thought I was prepared when he originally compared a dead husband to a dog within the first couple texts, but alas, I was not. I’ve never immediately disliked a human being this quickly until now.”

Another added: “Wow. This one actually upset me. I’m surprised every day on how low people can actually get.”