‘I gave up my housemates dog and moved out she’s fuming but I don’t regret it’

‘I gave up my housemates dog and moved out she’s fuming but I don’t regret it’

There are all sorts of issues that can unexpectedly arise when you move in with someone.

From arguments over who buys the milk to issues with cleaning, it can be a nightmare.

One woman who recently moved out of her old flat asked for advice on social media after falling out with her housemate Jade.

She discovered Jade is unhappy with her after finding that she had left her dog with a charity and it has been adopted.

Naturally, this sounds awful – but people on Reddit thought she’d made the right call after she explained what happened.

The 26-year-old said she didn’t mind living with Jade and didn’t protest when she bought a dog, although she “didn’t really pay much attention to it.”

But then: “Jade got sick and had to go back to her parent’s house. She said it would only be for a couple of weeks so I agreed to watch her dog. That was in July.

“It had been a month, so longer than she told me to expect, so I sent her a message asking when she wanted her dog back. She didn’t answer, and when I tried to contact her again a few weeks later she had me blocked.

“I tried multiple ways of messaging her but got no response. The apartment was in my name only at that point. I reached out to her parents as well but also got no answer.

“I messaged Jade again and said that I was moving out of the apartment and wouldn’t bring her dog so if she wanted him back she would need to pick him up within a reasonable time. That was in October.”

The woman then moved out and left Jade’s dog at the shelter – where he was quickly adopted as he’s an expensive breed.

But Jade recently got in touch and asked if she wanted to live together again and if she could collect her dog.

“I told her I had given him up after not getting a response for months,” wrote the woman.

“She blew up at me. She said I couldn’t leave her dog at a shelter and that I was being inconsiderate and she had to leave for medical reasons and didn’t want to but couldn’t bring her dog.

“I told her that if she had answered I would have kept the dog but I didn’t want to keep having to pay for a dog that wasn’t mine and I had no way of talking to the owner.

“She called me a hypocrite because I got a dog after giving hers up.

“Jade is still very upset at me and was complaining about me on social media. I didn’t think I was an a**hole at the time because I did warn her and try to reach out to her in multiple ways but now I feel bad and think I may be wrong here.”

One person commented: “You can’t abandon your dog for months & expect to have it when you’re ready. Even if she had medical issues, she should have been checking in on her dog, giving money for food, etc.

“That’s what you did when you care about your animals.”

“She lost her dog because she abandoned it. That’s her fault, she shouldn’t try to push the blame on someone else,” added a third.