People baffled after learning the right way to cut pizza not everyone agrees

People baffled after learning the right way to cut pizza not everyone agrees

If you’ve ever been at a party and found yourself awkwardly trying to break off a slice of pizza, but accidentally ended up swiping two, if not three slices, you’re not alone.

But, what’s even worse than looking greedy is having disapproving eyes on you as your resort to fingering other neighbouring slices of pizza as you desperately try to separate your piece from the rest.

Look, it’s just a bit awkward. But, it turns out there’s actually a much easier way to cut takeaway pizza and it doesn’t involve ripping or touching or anything that might lose you some serious brownie points from your mates.

A food blogger who posts from the TikTok handle @eatmorebmore revealed how you can use the small, white table, which usually comes in takeaway pizza boxes, to separate the slices – and it actually works.

All you have to do is place the table on the neighbouring slices of pizza before pulling on your own – absolute genius.

“I actually found out what the purpose is… I feel like a God,” one TikTok user commented, while another said they were “today years old.” A third simply wrote: “Just learnt that.”

But, not everyone agrees, and in fact, many people commented to say the little white table actually has a rather well known purpose, in stopping the pizza from getting squished inside the box.

“It’s not for that. It’s to prevent the top of the box from smushing the pizza,” one commented, while another added: “It’s so the cheese doesn’t stick to the pizza box.”

Well, it might not necessarily be its sole purpose, but it certainly is a good way of separating your pizza slice from others without potentially touching someone else’s slice – especially during these times.